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Dorthé Furniture is a family owned business, run by Claes Dorthé and his daughter Greta Dorthé Ladow. Claes Dorthé is a master carpenter, with twenty years of experience in design and furniture making, industrial design and development. Greta Dorthé Ladow worked in finance for ten years, but decided to follow in her fathers footsteps. Together Claes and Greta form a skillful duo, where two generational perspectives result in beautiful and sustainable pieces, made to last through generations. 

Dorthé Furniture's collections features furniture and other artisanal objects derived from natural materials. The heart of our work lies in the art of weaving. The combination of raw wooden frames and tectonic lines in the soft weaving, adds tactility and warmth to a space, evoking a sort of vulnerable presence for the persons therein.


Dorthé Furniture works with private clients, retailers and interior designers, as well as larger institutions. Dorthé Furniture is based in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden. For enquiries or quotes, please contact We ship worldwide.

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